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Liaoning NewToday Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Liaoning NewToday Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a private limited company with a total investment of 130 million US dollars. A professional enterprise mainly supplying graphite electrodes. We manufacture graphite electrode cover Φ 200~ Φ 700mm conventional power supply, impregnation (high density), high power, ultra-high power and other products. The annual output is more than 50000 tons.

The company is equipped with 24 tank counter current calciner, 4100 ton vertical stamping horizontal extruder, 2500 ton hydraulic press, 36 chamber annular calciner, 36 car tunnel kiln, 14000KVA and 27500kva transformer in-line graphitization furnace, 5 CNC machine tool electrode automatic production lines, etc.

The products are manufactured according to ISO9001 and relevant standards (iec60239, Yb / T 4088, Yb / t4089, Yb / t4090). Our products have high physical strength, good conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance and low energy consumption, and are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery and other industries.

50% of the products are sold to more than 30 provinces in China, and 50% are sold to nearly 30 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United States, Turkey, South Africa, Peru and Mexico. Provide high-quality graphite electrodes for the global steel industry.

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Factory Profile

The factory covers an area of 266000 square meters and has strong storage capacity, which can ensure long-term stable and reliable delivery time. In addition, we are 260 kilometers away from Dalian port and 600 kilometers away from Tianjin port, with obvious geographical advantages. Loading to port, warehousing and loading